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July 12, 2018 in News

Multisite remote meter reading and energy monitoring - new functionalities for Synco IC

Synco IC from Siemens Bulding Technologies includes remote meter reading for energy billing, introduced to the market in 2015, is a cloud-based system for the…

Smart Buildings Feature

June 21, 2018 in Features

A matter of life and death: how smart power management keeps patients safe

While the healthcare profession’s motto is ‘Do no harm’, the World Health Organisation estimates that as many as 10 per cent of patients may come to harm while…

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July 03, 2018 in News

Safety boost for Berlin’s ‘traffic light man’

The Ampelmännchen (‘little traffic light man’) from the former GDR is a cult figure around the globe. For tourists, the shops of AMPELMANN GmbH in Berlin are a big…

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