No building is the same. They do not operate in the same way and the occupants’ requirements are always unique to that space. Simon Ward, director of sales, UK & Ireland – Distech Controls, talks us through the company’s new ENVYSION Professional Services solution and explains how it can help system integrators, building owners and facilities managers understand their buildings better.

With employees coming back to the workplace and buildings being occupied more of the time, it is now that building owners and facilities managers are turning their attention to how a building actually operates; is it energy efficient? What are the running costs? How can we make it a safe space for people to spend time? Understanding this information is vital for the smooth running of a building. However, as each building and user is unique, different parameters for the Building Management System (BMS) are required. Not only that, the data needs to be displayed and accessed in a way that everyone can understand and make changes when necessary. This makes a user-friendly interface is a must.

A Graphical User Interface (GUI) is more than just the window into a buildings BMS. The access and interactivity the GUI allows is critical in delivering a high-quality user experience for clients, complete with all the flexibility and functionality they need to better manage and use data from their buildings.

So, it makes sense to ensure that the GUI is fine-tuned as far as possible to meet a client’s expectations.

How it works, how it looks and how it feels all matter, especially on complex projects where clarity and ease of use are so important.

However, creating an interface that provides users with the exactly the information they require can be complex and time consuming. That is why Distech Controls has launched the new, fully scalable ENVYSION Professional Services. This service can support system integrators in creating a completely customised interface from building owners and facilities managers, from the initial brief and prototype UX / Wireframe design right through to a final approved GUI and its implementation on a project.

With ENVYSION Professional Services, the Distech Controls team of expert designers and developers will partner with customers to deliver the client’s vision. Users can choose from specific services, or Distech Controls can work with them on a full turnkey solution. That’s entirely up to the user and the individual requirement.

Distech Controls can support clients add gauges, charts, table grids, and tiles/cards based on its extensive range of widgets and templates that can be tailor-made to provide deeper insights into the building or the performance of specific pieces of equipment. There’s also the opportunity to develop special 3D graphic renderings that represent the whole estate, individual buildings, floors or equipment.

The goal of the ENVYSION Professional Services solution is to present the BMS information through a curated and seamlessly designed GUI that’s right for the project. No matter the GUI requirements, Distech Controls can help people save significant time and effort in delivering an exceptional UX for t5he client. Find out more about ENVYSION Professional Services here: