According to a recent report by smart building analysts Memoori, the global market for physical security products was worth $34.3 billion in 2019. Of this 24% is access control. In addition to this a report from PwC stated that smart buildings already enjoy an 8% premium in rents and 24% premium in value.

The coronavirus pandemic will mean that commercial buildings owners will want to be able to monitor access to their buildings and make sure that they are a safe environment for all occupants. This makes simple installation and ease of use vital when it comes to putting access control systems in place. Technologies like wireless access are now mainstream. Indeed, in many ways electronic access control is becoming wireless-first technology. A key motivation for the move to wireless is efficiency.

According to ASSA ABLOY’s “Wireless Access Control Report”, the next leap for access control is comprehensive integration with building systems.

Stephanie Ordan, VP digital and access solutions at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions EMEA

To this end the company has launched Incedo Business, a flexible and platform-based access management solution. Stephanie Ordan, VP digital and access solutions at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions EMEA, told Smart Buildings Magazine about the system’s flexibility, “Incedo takes a real modular platform approach to managing access control and security. It targets to offer the broadest choice of door hardware, incorporating access devices for every level from locking cylinders to security locks for high-end applications. The menu of compatible credentials is comprehensive: it includes physical cards, smart battery-powered keys and the latest generation of secure mobile keys from ASSA ABLOY, so users can open doors using a smartphone rather than a physical credential. For managers and system administration teams, Incedo’s graphical user interfaces offer vertical-specific software solutions as well as the possibility of integrating and managing third-party technologies like CCTV or intercoms as it becomes available. You can shape Incedo into your hub for controlling everything.”

ASSA ABLOY says that Incedo makes life and tasks easier and more efficient for everyone, from installers to end users. Facility managers of small to medium sized businesses, enjoy more control and flexibility than they ever thought possible - maximizing return on investment, with Incedo Business able to scale quickly when needed. System administrators can do more within available budgets: initiating, cancelling or amending access profiles, and monitoring movement around their site in real time.

Building users, meanwhile, get the individual access times and entry permissions they need. They can move freely without compromising the security of other people and equipment. Integrators can upgrade connected technologies and systems quickly, minimizing risk and meeting customers’ raised expectations of modern technology. Installers no longer need to wrestle with incompatible systems: easy interoperability is built into Incedo, meaning no more delays or unnecessary complexity.

With Incedo’s modular platform approach, the user simply chooses the security hardware and credentials needed, as well as the appropriate management system option (from on premise up to Cloud based). It is then a matter of setting exactly who can access which doors or access points - and when - from the user-friendly Incedo Business software interface. It is possible to change the hardware and software configuration at anytime. You can scale functionality and the scope of deployed devices up or down, whenever you choose.

Building owners and managers have the ability to pick the Incedo-enabled hardware from ASSA ABLOY and third-party providers in the software configuration they want, and can change their minds as often as they like. The system can also be linked to facial recognition software by using an open API approach

“Incedo Business transforms the experience of using and managing a building. It is also the seed from which our revolutionary Incedo ecosystem will grow in the months and years ahead,” continued Stephanie.

“A future where doors are smarter, connectivity and movement are seamless, and access management is genuinely intelligent. This is our vision for Incedo and for those who will be using it.”

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