A successful fit-out or build project depends on a complex set of interconnected factors coming together. From the initial idea and concept phase through to getting the trades on site and working towards completion, there are multiple people, plans and perspectives at play that without good project oversight can lead to problems from the very get go.

One of the biggest barriers to executing a project well is the lack of skill and expertise to manage it properly. Added to this are often unrealistic expectations – of cost, of timeframe and of the disruption it can cause to business as usual. This critical combination can be the difference between the successful transformation of your commercial space or a disastrous build programme, and for that reason, turning to an outsource partner to deliver your project could well be the right way to go.

Right from the start, an external outsource partner can be a fresh pair of eyes on your ideas. They allow you to tap into their expertise of what’s going on in industry at the moment to help you make the best of your budget and available space. Knowing what you want to achieve means an external business can present some new and innovative options, helping you to take advantage of the latest technology and building advances, which may not have previously been an obvious choice. This allows you to view any creative concepts objectively and perhaps even have your expectations exceeded as to what the art of the possible is.

A commercial fit-out provider can be more than just another supplier to your business and in fact you’ll gain from approaching your projects as a partnership. Their support in owning your refurbishment activity means you’re better positioned to provide business sponsorship of the project rather than running it, allowing you to focus on the strategic elements of business growth that your portfolio of building works is aiming to achieve.

This brings the added benefit of having someone else manage the trades and other contractors you need to bring in to successfully deliver your project, knowing you have the accountability in place to be reassured it will be managed robustly on your behalf. Dealing with multiple trades can be complex and time consuming, especially when there are inevitable changes to project scope or design enhancements as you progress through the build. Partnering with an outsourced provider can also bring increased efficiencies across your supply chain, directly impacting bottom line P&L.

There are also benefits in the people space, as its unlikely you will need to get involved in making any additional hires to fulfil your project brief as your outsource partner can take care of this directly. Not only is this a huge relief for your HR department who would have to undertake the recruitment campaign and onboard new hires into your organisation, but it’s also a huge saving in direct resource costs as the burden is absorbed by your partner.

There are some fundamentals that it’s important to embrace to make an outsource build project a success. The greatest benefit will be achieved when you treat your outsourcer as a true partner, rather than just a supplier. Opening the door to your business, your goals and any specific details surrounding the project will help them better align the outcomes to your expectations, as well as make sure the project reporting is delivering the level of detail you need in the areas that matter to you. Good communication is key; breaking down the silos between teams and trades will lead to more seamless progress and when issues do arise, there is a greater willingness to collaborate to find the right solution.

It’s also critical to recognise that you’re bringing in the professionals who have extensive experience in doing exactly what you need them to do. Building transformation and management firms have access to the very latest advances in technology, legislation and ways of working which you will automatically benefit from. They will have people dedicated to your project who can bring an unbiased opinion and a wealth of expertise to help you during the lifespan of the project.

Making the decision to transform your commercial space is an exciting one; it will typically mark the growth and expansion of your business meaning you need your space to work harder for you. But success in your own field doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the right skills and expertise internally to manage a build project, however simple you consider it to be. Sometimes it pays to bring in the experts, quite literally, when the stakes are as high, and as complicated, as they can be in a commercial build project.