The benefits of cloud access control management are driving a rapid increase in demand. Now ASSA ABLOY PULSE’s programmable digital cylinder and key range, along with ASSA ABLOYs wide range of wireless RFID locks and wired RFID readers, are controlled by Incedoä Business access control software.

A cloud solution helps to make access management easier and more convenient, enabling companies to design workflows which are streamlined, location-independent and efficient.

With Incedo Business Cloud from ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions, security teams can manage a wide range of access points and users remotely, while maintaining complete control over all their buildings — working smarter and more effectively. Incedo Business Cloud can be accessed securely 24/7 from any PC with an internet connection. Software updates are automatic, with real-time reports and analytics available with a few clicks.

Based on their specific security needs and access points to control, businesses may now deploy PULSE key-operated energy-harvesting cylinders and padlocks on doors, cabinets or gates, alongside a large range of wireless locks or wired readers. With PULSE devices, customers can bring access control to more than just doors.

High flexibility for security managers

Organizations are constantly moving and need flexible access management. Because Incedo Business is a scalable ecosystem, customers have the option to start small — with a handful of offline PULSE cylinders, padlocks and cabinet locks, for example — and grow as their needs change, adding real-time control via wireless or wired locks if required. The investment in hardware or software is always protected, because the Incedo platform is built to grow with a business.

Wireless, battery-powered Aperio devices for doors or server racks can be managed either offline or online — for real-time control over openings — alongside offline control of PULSE devices within the same system setup. If required, wired doors equipped with Signo readers also integrate within Incedo Business.

The advantage for a system administrator is being able to equip more points with access control and managing everything from one interface.

A single, programmable PULSE key can unlock every digital cylinder or padlock. It also has an integrated RFID chip and so can operate wireless or wired doors on the same site. This is efficient and convenient for both security managers and users.

Energy-harvesting locks without batteries or wires

“Our PULSE self-powered electronic locking brings decades of innovation into a range of intelligent key-powered access control cylinders, without drilling, without batteries. It can actively contribute to customers’ sustainability goals,” says Henrik Degn, Business Development Manager, PULSE at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions EMEIA.

PULSE key-operated cylinders and padlocks are self-powered by energy harvesting technology. Devices run without any external energy source. To unlock a PULSE cylinder or padlock, the user simply inserts and turns their programmable smart key. The power generated is instantly harvested to energize the lock’s encrypted electronic security.

The PULSE cylinder range includes door locks, cam-locks, furniture locks and padlocks which can operate outdoors, even in extreme climates. Almost any traditional mechanical cylinder in a building can be switched for a PULSE cylinder and connected to Incedo Business.

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