Easy to control, automated blinds from QMotion UK are now an integral part of one of Scotland’s finest, purpose-built, new wedding venues at the Seamill Hydro Hotel in West Kilbride.

Located on the picturesque Ayrshire coast, the four-star Seamill Hydro boasts stunning views over the Isle of Arran and the Firth of Clyde. It is also home to the magnificent new Firth Pavilion, a spectacular banqueting space completed in early 2017. Part of a £10m investment programme by the hotel’s owners, the Firth Pavilion is the perfect embodiment of the benefits that state-of-the-art technology can bring to modern hospitality venues. High speed web and Wi-Fi data connectivity align with a larger integrated technology system which includes automated lighting and heating control alongside blind control from QMotion UK.
"We wanted to create a first class facility for weddings and other celebration events,” comments Sylvester Sweeney, one of the family owners at the Seamill Hydro. “Advanced technology serves several purposes. Undoubtedly, it adds to the overall aesthetic and experience of the venue. It also makes our job in managing the space much easier and, increasingly, meets the needs of our guests too. QMotion UK’s automated window dressing solution delivers on all three counts. It provides a perfect balance of technology, performance with ease of use and beauty. We have been delighted with our decision to use QMotion UK."
A total of 24 QMotion UK motorised roller blinds have been fitted throughout the Firth Pavilion. They line the impressive floor to ceiling windows which front the principal banqueting room, The Firth Suite. The Firth Suite enjoys an elevated ground floor position and offers staggering views over the Firth of Clyde to the majestic mountains of Arran. QMotion UK blinds have also been used to provide shading over the huge walls of glass in the classical yet contemporary interior of the TorryLinn suite, the ceremony room on the first floor of the Pavilion as well as the luxurious Glen Rosa Suite, designed for use by the bridal group.
In each area, the blinds are versatile enough for operation as a synchronised group or individually from an RTI control panel, silently dropping to a pre-programmed position, when desired. A manual override function ensures that if guests choose to pull on any blind, it will respond, without causing any damage to the automated mechanism.
The QMotion UK solution is also a perfect fit with the performance and interior aesthetic demands of each space. Both Black Out and Sheer fabrics on the same window system are required to help give the option of glare reduction from the sun whilst still allowing guests to enjoy the stunning views, or for room darkening when the space is used for conferences or presentations, if required. QMotion UK blinds are also able to fit both window and door openings in the room. The QMotion UK team worked closely with the Hotel’s interior design team to select the available fabric options and provide information on key specification details, such as, maximum widths, window and door options, etc. The installation was accomplished efficiently to meet a tight project time schedule.
QMotion UK automated blinds provide reliable and accurate two-way feedback on shade positioning for improved user performance, remote monitoring and maintenance use. ZigBee control provides fast and simple integration with third party control systems, such as, RTI, via a compact QMotion Qube integration device. Each Qube can support up to 32 blinds or up to 60 blinds when used with a QMotion Range Extender on larger installations. Stand-alone control can also be via a remote control, tablets and / or mobile devices via QMotion IoS or Android apps.
QMotion UK blinds are ultra-energy efficient thanks to the company’s patented spring-counterbalancing system which keeps motor power consumption to an absolute minimum and delivers near silent operation in every application. The company’s roller shade brackets are the industry’s thinnest, ensuring an easy and unobtrusive installation in hospitality projects where design integrity is important. As a result, this reduces the side light gaps to 13mm on each side for optimum room shading performance. A full range of high quality fabric design and colour options are available, including a bespoke service, enabling QMotion UK to meet any branding requirements.