Sauter Automation has announced that it has completed the design, installation and commissioning of the controls package for the buildings known as One and Two Southbank Place. Southbank Place is a unique mixed-use development with the signature Shell Centre Tower building at the heart of it. This major project is a joint venture by developers Canary Wharf Group plc (CWG) and Qatari Diar, working together to revitalise the area with high quality architecture and much improved public spaces.

The two buildings within the Southbank Place development, at 10 and 20 York Road, comprise both office and retail spaces with several of the retail units already occupied by household names likes Boots, Knight Frank and M&S Food, along with independents like Gails, Island Poké, Coca di Mama, Black Penny and Boom Cycle.

“Sauter has paid continued attention to every element of the programme which was key to the timely completion of these two buildings,” said Darren Howe, package manager for Canary Wharf Contractors

Fabio Amato, project director for Sauter Automation said; "This is an exciting project for us to have been involved with and we are delighted to have successfully completed the first phase of these works.”

The product employed on this project is the Sauter Modulo 5 system which meets all the challenges posed by an open, modular and cross platform building management solution. The technology is entirely based on the open BACnet/IP communication protocol via Ethernet and any other existing IT networks. It allows for the complete exchange of data for complex building management functions, including air conditioning, with pinpoint accuracy as well as convenient room automation, all integrated within a single, scalable, system.

On this project, Sauter has also provided its Vision Centre solution, a front-end for FM managers that allows them to access comprehensive live data and performance figures for both buildings and which encompasses the management of building, energy and maintenance functions.

The approach taken for the installation and commissioning of this project has proved far more efficient than other traditional methods of controls installation and commissioning. "Using our Modulo 5 controls solution and adopting the ACI (Automatic Controls Interface) concept for the control panels and system design, enabled all the items of plant to be installed and commissioned completely independently of the BMS System. This was then commissioned simultaneously and in the final stages of commissioning the two elements were fully integrated leading to a significant reduction in the final commissioning time periods," explained Amato.

From the early stages, Sauter has worked very closely with Canary Wharf Group and they have had a very clear understanding of what they were trying to achieve on this project.

Sauter is delighted to have been involved in this project so far and is working closely with all involved to close out the remaining phases comprising of Buildings B3, B4A, B4B and B6/7.