The New Lanark Primary School located within South Lanarkshire Scotland, has recently been demolished and completely rebuilt to provide pupils with an energy-efficient and state of the art school, fit for the future. The new building features a sophisticated building management system (BEMS), which incorporates the cutting-edge Distech Controls ECLYPSE Connected BACnet/IP and Wi-Fi Product Series.

The system has been installed by specialist BMS system integrator, Environmental Energy Controls, based in Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland. The BMS comprises of two Distech ECLYPSE control panels incorporating three ECLYPSE ECY-PS24 24v power supplies, two ECY-S1000E BACnet/IP Server 320 IO (unlimited Modbus MSTP Router), eight ECY-8UI6UO I/O modules, one ECY-6DI I/O module and two HORYZON R4 4” touchscreen displays.
The new school building has an internal floor area of 383m² and has three classrooms, activity areas, a dining/gym hall, community kitchenette, staff areas as well outdoor space for the pupils to play in and learn in. The steel-frame structure features existing and reclaimed stone masonry with Scottish larch timber cladding as well as a reclaimed natural slate and new Welsh natural slate roof. The inside of the school benefits from underfloor heating connected to gas boilers with localised radiators to meet space heating where underfloor heating is unsuitable.
“This was an interesting project to be involved with and a great opportunity for us to use the new ECLYPSE system from Distech Controls,” comments Derek Ranachan, sales/contracts manager at Environmental Energy Controls Ltd. “The ECLYPSE networked controllers allow us to share information to control the plant and achieve the desired conditions. The BMS controller software was written to meet the specific requirements of the school and allows monitoring and analysis of the plant via the HORYZON LCD touch-screen display mounted on the control panel facia. The Distech Controls solution is extremely easy to install, configure and is a perfect fit for this kind of commercial project.”
The Distech Controls’ ECLYPSE Connected System Controller is a modular and scalable platform providing BACnet/IP, wired and wireless IP connectivity, permitting integration with IT networks. It consists of a control automation and connectivity server, power supplies, and I/O modules, allowing users to select the type and number of modules to meet their exacting requirements and easily add-on for future upgrades. Environmental Energy Controls selected the ECY-S1000E connected system controller with an ECY-PS24 power supply. This connected system controller is ideal for medium/large sized plant applications and small building server/controller applications, it also has embedded ENVYSION; the web-based graphic design and visualisation interface for ECLYPSE. ENVYSION enhances mobility with its responsive, HTML 5 interface, for an optimal experience across different user devices.
The project also features HORYZON displays, the IP-based, high resolution colour LCD touchscreen display for ECLYPSE controllers or an EC-NetAX building management system. From mechanical rooms to small building applications, HORYZON allows system integrators and facility managers to access, view, and configure operating parameters of a system for simplified commissioning, operations and troubleshooting.