i-mergint says that AI is now playing a part in smart buildings.

In the recent past the norm, and only option was for companies to pay for planned preventive maintenance. Armies of engineers would spend countless costly hours driving around from site to site. As you would expect often they were never actually on site when needed and it would be up to the client to notify the contractor of the failure. An expensive inefficient reactive service with consequential business impacts.

Then systems such as CAFM, CMMS would with luck help clients know how many assets they had and where they were and basic asset detail but not much else.
Systems that made buildings smart were then seen as a major step forward, the ability to monitor sensors and identify failures. Most of the systems have connectivity and communication limitations and of course they are either connected to monitoring centres where the staff will hopefully react in a timely and correct manner when they notice an issue, or alternatively someone had to constantly view the platform to identify issues in order to address, again a time, resource and cost constraint and issue Although it offers significant progress it is still limited in its one-dimensional approach to understanding data and its reliance on expensive human beings whose performance as we all know is variable and subject to failure upon data interpretation and management.

The next step is to move from smart buildings to smart solutions that address these limitations by using AI work flow management and thus progressing to the next level;

  • An intelligent cloud based asset management tool that can translate data from any source and therefore talk to any legacy or new equipment, sensor array or software system no matter what language the data is presented in.
  • A multi-dimensional data tool that takes data from multiple sources, aggregates it and then is capable of machine learning and predicting equipment or user failure.
  • An AI monitoring centre that is capable of monitoring limitless numbers of data points simultaneously and when necessary reacting within seconds to implement agreed action plans and escalations when where necessary.
  • A dashboard that allows clients to view any assets status at any time from any location and for the first time for many – get a good night’s sleep.
  • A vastly superior proactive service whose efficiency results in significant cost savings for clients - with complete audit and accountancy trail.