With Smart Buildings Show fast approaching, we look at what to expect from the show’s sponsors. Here Sauter tells Smart Buildings Magazine what’s going on.

What will be your focus at this year’s Smart Buildings Show?

Our focus is to showcase our new and exciting Sauter products and services, that deliver efficiency across all facets of design, implementation, and operation. Sauter invites visitors to the Smart Buildings Show to come and discuss with us how our smart products, technologies and applications can be incorporated into existing buildings and new constructions to support Net-Zero ambitions.

Will there be any new products/services on your stand?

Sauter will be presenting a live demonstration of our IoT capable Smart Actuator, intelligent controller for HVAC systems with multiple communication interfaces and commissioning app for tablets and smart phones.

Second Sight: Sauter’s innovative stand-alone building performance monitoring system, which utilises wireless LoraWan sensors to provide real time analytic data to a central management hub. Second Sight can be easily integrated into any building, irrelevant of the size or existing infrastructure.

Sauter Digital Services: Remote Management, Performance Management and Customer Portal – SAUTER Digital Services enable secure remote access to plants, continuous analysis of buildings and access to key data, thus ensuring ongoing efficient operation.

Sauter Energy: Providing range of energy products and services for all sectors and industries, to understand energy and carbon usage and how to meet consumption and financial targets.

Will there be any special offers available to visitors to your stand?

Visitors will have to drop by our stand A30, to find out about any special offers on the day!

What do you think are the main trends in the sector?

Right now, amidst an energy crisis, smart technologies will be focused on operational efficiency. Utilising smart technologies and control strategies within existing buildings to ensure effective use of utilities, space, and assets. This not only saves on energy and carbon consumption but will also extend the life of critical plant.

With all the data that can be extracted from a smart building, real time visualisation via cloud-based platforms is becoming far more prevalent. Having access to this data is an invaluable tool to Building and Facilities Managers, who manage several buildings within a portfolio. Alerts can be raised, and problems intercepted before they become a critical issue, increasing uptime for the building whilst also proactively guiding maintenance schedules.

What is your company’s policy on sustainability and net zero?

Sauter recognises that its activities have the potential for both positive and negative impacts upon the environment at local and national levels. The company seeks to achieve continual improvement in how it understands and responds to its environmental impacts.

It is our policy to minimise any impact on the environment by activities in the design, installation, maintenance, and operation of building services in a responsible and accountable way. Sauter reduces waste created and where possible to, reuse and recycle before responsible disposal of surplus materials; to use recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible. We integrate principles of environmental sustainability within company policies and practices, specifically to those relating to procurement of goods and services.

Sauter’s head office is 100% electrified with a zero emissions contract. Additionally, we utilise a roof-mounted solar PV system for onsite renewable generation. Sauter Automation Ltd is committed to becoming a Net-Zero (scope 1&2 emissions) business by 2030 and shall continue to work with our supply chain to reach the global goal of Net-Zero by 2050.