Colin Harrison, digital pest manager for Pestokill Pest Control, looks at a different approach to ensuring your premises is rodent free.

There are several advantages to SMART Technology

It goes where you can’t. Pests hide in crawlspaces, wall voids, and ceiling gaps; places that can’t be seen with the naked eye and can’t be easily reached.
Wouldn’t it be better if you had a device that could easily see where people can’t? Without digital know-how, you would have to rely on “best guesses” and “gut feelings.” This leads to slower and less comprehensive results.

Always on. – Even the pest control professionals with the keenest eye for detail can’t observe rodent problem areas 24/7. Like other humans, they need to eat and sleep. Many pests are nocturnal and don’t come out when people can see them. SMART never takes a break and is always active. If there is rodent activity SMART will detect it whenever it happens, providing valuable insight into pest activity that simply can’t be acquired by traditional means. If a tree falls in the SMART pest control forest, and a technician isn’t there to hear it, we can confidently tell you that it does make a sound.

  2. Sustainability. – SMART is clean, reusable, and can be easily relocated.

SMART can be scaled upwards to meet the demands of office buildings, professional kitchens, medical and pharmaceutical facilities, food processing plants, warehouses, retail establishments, and more, all with the same benefits of being cleaner, more accurate, and always on. Quick and accurate detection is crucial to curtailing rodent problems when they begin.
Another common source of pests comes from the frequent deliveries that are a common part of every business. Even a business that keeps its premises pristine and doesn’t allow food on site can have mice and rats brought in with deliveries. The rodents may not be immediately visible or detectable when the box arrives, but they can easily chew their way in and out of boxes when no one is looking.

Pestokill can find these pests as soon as they emerge through the strategic placement of SMART monitoring devices.

SMART Pipe is designed to exterminate rats directly in the sewer system. It efficiently detects and deals with rats below ground. Exterminated rats are flushed out in the sewage system.

The SMART Box is a multi-catch unit that deals with rodents above ground. Attractants lure the rodent into the box, exterminating it efficiently and without any toxic chemicals.

Non-toxic pest control

All SMART traps are 100% non-toxic. It’s better for the environment, it creates a healthier work environment and it means no pesticides ending up where they aren’t supposed to be.

Avoid costly problems

Solving an infestation takes time, and the damage done to your business can be substantial. With SMART installed, we can act fast on early warnings and deal with potential issues before they turn into costly problems.

Detect blind spots

Pests excel at hiding in places where they are hard to detect. With SMART and our innovative sensors we can detect activities in hidden places or relocate traps to that specific area.

Easy documentation

SMART is an intelligent system connected to our Smart data hub, which allows us to analyze your situation and, when needed, export the data you need to present your status to an external part.

Less to worry about

Constant monitoring minimizes the risk of an infestation that could harm your business or your relationship to your customers and partners. In addition, efficient yet non-toxic traps guarantee that you comply to laws and regulations.