A 12-month energy reduction scheme for Land Securities, delivered by NG Bailey, has led to a nine per cent fall in energy use at a number of the property company’s key London sites.

The jointly-funded, cost-neutral pilot scheme exceeded the energy saving target set by Land Securities, the UK’s largest commercial property company. The significant energy reduction has led to Land Securities expanding the scheme to a further 10 sites in the capital that are maintained by NG Bailey.

The properties in the pilot scheme included 80-100 Victoria and New Street Square.

By collating and analysing data from the sites in the pilot phase NG Bailey, working in partnership with Land Securities, was able to identify and complete more than 40 projects to improve system efficiency, increase building performance and reduce energy usage.

Chris Coath, head of energy for NG Bailey, who has led the project, comments: “The initial sites were Land Securities’ highest users of energy in the capital, so to reduce energy consumption by nine per cent has a significant environmental and commercial impact.

“Detailed data analysis was the starting point for this, allowing us to focus on asset optimisation, asset upgrade, behavioural change and an immediate implementation of measures to deliver the energy savings.

“Land Securities’ targets became our targets, and by investing together in a long-term partnership we have been able to develop smarter ways of maintaining its buildings, helping the company to achieve further energy efficiencies.

“It helps protect Land Securities against the global energy challenges that lie ahead, and it also gives them an all-important edge when it comes to attracting and retaining customers.”

Caroline Hill, head of sustainability at Land Securities, said: “We recognise that to become a truly sustainable business, we need to look beyond short-term goals and see the longer-term picture.

“Our partnership with NG Bailey has clearly demonstrated the scale of the opportunity to reduce energy use and offer value for our customers through reduced energy bills."