Siemens Building Technologies Division has added touch sensors of glass to its Gamma instabus product line. A light touch of the touch areas allows for the intuitive operation of basic room functions such as lighting and shading as well as the scene controller.

The new touch sensors are available with two, four or eight touch areas. These are arranged vertically and can be used in pairs or individually.

The touch areas are surrounded by dimmable LED rings which can light up in seven different colors to indicate the status (e.g. light on/off) or serve as orientation lighting. In addition, the touch sensors are equipped with a proximity sensor which helps with orientation in a dark room. An integrated beeper provides acoustic confirmation of the selected operation.

In addition to the main functions, additional functions can be executed after a time delay or, alternatively, when the button is held down. The touch sensors are also equipped with an integrated scene controller which can control up to eight scene channels.

The touch sensors are part of the modular bus coupling concept of Gamma instabus. The application program allows for easy-to-understand engineering. The function and parameter sets used in the existing i-system and DELTA style switch lines are available here as well.