ABB Elkay has launched a new DALi compliant lighting system, which it says is the first in the UK to be capable of automatically detecting DALI lighting ballasts during lighting installation and commissioning.

The product, which is called easyDALi, is a response to demand from electrical installers for a simplified and dimmable DALI lighting system, which can help installers and end users comply with Part L of the Building Regulations.
The system has been developed with the goal of making installation and set-up of DALI systems simple, easy and accessible for all electrical installers, and to ensure that electrical wholesalers have to stock fewer items on their shelves in order to build an automatic control DALI system.
DALI, which stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, is a data protocol that was jointly developed and specified by several manufacturers of lighting equipment. The easyDALi system uses two wires and a DC power supply to connect a maximum of 64 ballasts in 16 different groups. The installer simply wires the power supply and PIR together and programs via a dual purpose Remote Control
The new system comes equipped with an Elkay easyDALi PIR, which has an in-built default which enables constant daylight harvesting to aid power conservation, along with seven different timing presence and absence detection timing modes. In addition, the PIR has a corridor mode which provides 100 per cent brightness for 10 minutes and then dims to a minimum level of circa 10 percent but does not totally switch off to provide low power lighting to communal areas.
The easyDALi system also comes equipped with a power supply unit which provides a low power supply for the network and offers installers maximum freedom to use their own cable choice without the need for expensive connectors. The multi-purpose box allows the installer to either use it to connect multiple strings of DALI PIRs or connect up to 10A of lighting loads and can be used with both DALI and non-DALI luminaires.
The entire easyDALi system is both programmed and controlled using a single ergonomic dual purpose remote control device to program and adjust sensors, which sends infra-red signals to programme the PIRs directly. The remote controls are dual purpose with two operational modes, one for end-users and one for installers.
Paul Onyett from ABB Elkay commented on the easyDALi system: “There is increasing awareness of energy efficiency ratings in the UK market which has led tenants and buyers of commercial office spaces to seek better environmental performance in order to meet cost and sustainability goals."