With experts predicting that 30 percent of the global workforce will work from home at least once a week by 2021, the need to adapt our commercial and living spaces continues to evolve. In response, ABB launches its first series of Virtual Innovation Shows for smart buildings.

The Innovation Shows will bring together a panel of ABB experts to explore key drivers in the smart building market, from the recent growth in co-working and living, to the increased importance of building safety and the accelerated adoption of digital technologies.

Launching on 29 September, the series of virtual events will address key trends that will shape the next generation of smart living and working solutions with a focus on increasing quality of life and wellbeing in intelligent buildings of the future, from intuitive room control devices to HVAC and emergency lighting.

ABB’s Smart Building’s division president Oliver Iltisberger comments on the launch: “Innovation is part of our DNA and, in the current climate, we are constantly looking for new ways to create a safe, smart and sustainable world with connected solutions. Our ABB Innovation Shows will see a collection of specialists from around the globe discuss how installers and developers can use the latest IoT based technology to create intelligent, welcoming and energy efficient buildings and homes of the future.”

Designed as a fully immersive experience, participants will be led through a virtual building space in which specific applications are highlighted and technology explained. Customers will also have the opportunity to join webinars and have a live chat with ABB experts for an interactive discussion on technical product information.

“ABB has always had a strong presence at key industry events and listening to our customers and the wider industry really helps to shape our future thinking and solutions. Taking our team on the road in a virtual environment will allow us to maintain interaction with our customers and showcase our innovative solutions in an interactive and intuitive way. It’s designed to broaden understanding of the art of the possible, so that we all work together to build smarter spaces for the future,” added Iltisberger.

To register for ABB’s Innovation Shows: https://new.abb.com/buildings/...