ABB is introducing Busch-art linear, a range of high-quality light switches that can be integrated into building automation systems and offer sustainability and premium design.

The new range of mechanical and electronic switches features clear lines, light shapes, precise contours, and perfect surfaces combined in an elegant, timeless, and minimalist design to challenge the image of conventional switches. The series comprises a range of options in different materials including glass, metal, and walnut, and is available in black, white, and a variety of color accents.

Busch-art linear switches are made primarily from recycled and recyclable materials including old car headlights and CDs. The black switch comprises 98 percent recycled materials while for the white switch, this is at 92 percent. In production, conventional polycarbonate is replaced with recycled polycarbonate, resulting in a CO2 saving of 82 percent. The Busch-art® linear range is produced at Lüdenscheid (Germany). This site has decreased its annual carbon emissions by around 630 tonnes per year as part of the ABB Mission to Zero initiative, a scalable blueprint of smart building solutions combined with on-site renewable energy generation and storage.

Talking about the launch, Sven Werdes, global product line manager in ABB Electrification’s Smart Buildings division said, “When raw materials end up as waste, resources are wasted. Recovering valuable materials enables sustainable production to meet the needs of future generations and is a big deal when it comes to sustainable design for high-quality products. Busch-art linear® has a strong focus on sustainability in both materials use and production and is an example of our commitment to pursue a more sustainable future by driving circularity across the entire product lifecycle. We are also aiming to change the common image of the switch not just through sustainable design but through aesthetics. Busch-art linear is characterized by the precision of its contours which reflect clarity and elegance and create a premium, timeless design with material and color options to cater to individual preferences and taste.”