ABB has launched its new ReliaHome Smart Panel - its first residential energy management software platform in North America.

In collaboration with its partner Lumin, the new cutting-edge offering provides enhanced customer experience and exceptional convenience to save energy through an accessible, user-friendly product. Designed and assembled in the U.S., the panel is commercially available in all 50 states and territories and Canada.

Thanks to its universal compatibility with third-party devices such as batteries, solar inverters, electric vehicle chargers and standby generators, the ReliaHome Smart Panel offers customers simplified stock and inventory management.

Enabling energy optimization, circuit scheduling, and real-time control in one universally compatible package, the panel is suitable for new and retrofit installations. It can be installed seamlessly next to a new or existing service panel and integrates with all load centers. It comes pre-wired and is stackable for additional loads of control.

Both installers and customers benefit from access to dependable customer support and comprehensive resources for easy implementation and maintenance, as well as robust cybersecurity (protection tested, improved, and fully validated by a globally recognized ISO 27001:2013 and IEC 62443-4-1:2018 laboratory).

The ReliaHome Smart Panel will empower homeowners to take control of their energy use by providing insights needed to save energy and costs. Users can make informed decisions on energy consumption, prioritizing appliances during an outage to extend battery storage runtime and optimizing circuits to avoid paying high electricity rates at peak times. The platform ensures seamless functionality during power and network outages through a local-first network backup, enabling consistent customer connectivity independent of a cloud connection.

Adam Mease, NEMA global product group leader at ABB’s Electrification Smart Buildings Division said “This latest collaboration marks a significant stride in ABB’s focus on the residential sector. We’re committed to accelerating the energy transition through innovation and the evolution of traditional home electrical distribution, offering homebuilders, homeowners, and communities' powerful tools to optimize energy usage and save costs.”

“We’re thrilled to be teaming up with ABB to launch the ReliaHome Smart Panel in the U.S. and Canadian markets,” said Alex Bazhinov, founder and president of Lumin. “This partnership combines Lumin's advanced load management technology with ABB's electrical expertise and network of distributors and homebuilders to deliver smarter, more accessible residential energy management solutions to homeowners across America."

With residential energy consumption accounting for approximately 20% of the U.S. total energy use, energy retrofits and a shift towards distributed low-carbon energy sources are critical to meeting decarbonization goals. The ABB ReliaHome Smart Panel aims to play a crucial role in empowering customers to participate in the transition to an electrified, low-carbon future.