ABB has launched its smart presence detector range for commercial and residential buildings.

The Busch-presence detector is designed to increase energy efficiency and put control firmly in the hand of the operator, through two different remote-control options.
Offering highly sensitive and precise detection quality, Busch-Presence detector is equipped with four sensors and an optimized mirror system. Available with three lens versions - compact, universal and corridor - the range is designed to provide unrivalled presence detection in offices and commercial and residential buildings.
Paavo Tammisto, global product group manager of ABB’s Wiring Accessories said: “Getting the right balance between energy efficiency and comfort is really important for residential and commercial buildings. Nobody wants people sitting in the dark when they’re concentrating at their desk or walking down dark corridors when they enter their apartment. More importantly, keeping lights on unnecessarily wastes a huge amount of energy and costs billions every year. We’re sensitive to this need and have created a new range that not only delivers outstanding detection rates but is also easier to control than ever before.”
The detector is available in two functional ranges, one offering commissioning and control via infrared remote control, the other offering even more convenient and versatile control via Bluetooth interface on smartphones or tablets. All feature a sleek, flat design and come in a variety of colors including a white cover frame with white lens and an aluminum-silver cover frame with anthracite lens.
Through intelligent lighting control, Busch-Presence detectors deliver greater efficiency and provide comfortable automatic light control and on/off switching. Basic lighting can be activated during an adjustable time window and is intelligent enough to set lighting to a pre-defined level of brightness, which will automatically increase as soon as sensors detect movement. Another operating mode can also be selected for DALI presence detectors, giving constant light control by taking the environment brightness into account.
The Bluetooth version allows users to easily control the detector, from switching or dimming a light, to activating a presence simulation or visualizing energy consumption, at a smartphone or tablet. It features a new operating mode, comfort automatic, which intervenes when brightness falls below the preset level while presence is detected. With the addition of a DALI master device, functionality can be extended, including the ability to pre-set fade-in and fade-out times and an additional output for further energy saving by a complete switching off of DALI ballast mains or HVAC applications.
Alternatively, the infrared models offers a range of setting options, from a switch-off delay to switching off individual consumers completely. Lux and time settings can also be easily stored and transferred from one presence detector to another.
Thanks to its design, installation and commissioning is very simple, with spring clips allowing easy ceiling mounting. A quick clamping via claws prevent the Busch-Presence detector from twisting and adjustments for the brightness threshold value or a switch-off delay are mounted on the front, which allows easy access for adjustments.
“We’re bringing our intelligent approach to building management with the launch of the Busch-Presence detector. With its infrared or Bluetooth options it puts greater control over energy efficiency and comfort back in the hands of our customers and we are confident they’ll switch on to the benefits of the new range”, added Paavo Tammisto.