Accruent has announced that the company’s Maintenance Connection CMMS is now fully integrated with its Meridian engineering document management system (EDMS) and vx Observe IoT platforms.

These integrations mark a key advancement in Accruent’s commitment to streamlining efficiencies and collaboration between maintenance, operation and engineering teams and achieve compliance in manufacturing industries.

Historically, CMMS users have grappled with the challenges of toggling between their CMMS platform and engineering document management or IoT software. This has resulted in inefficiencies, particularly in accessing pertinent documents on-site, contributing to a fragmented user experience.

The integration of Accruent’s EDMS and IoT solutions with the Maintenance Connection CMMS creates a centralized platform for maintenance teams. This empowers them to seamlessly access, visualize, update, and review all asset documentation in one place, crucial for reducing downtime, enhancing technician efficiency, and improving safety. Additionally, the IoT integration provides teams effortless access to energy and remote monitoring, enabling early detection and resolution of potential asset failures.

"We are excited to introduce this transformative integration that exemplifies our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and regulatory compliance," said Richard Leurig, chief product technology officer at Accruent. "By seamlessly integrating Maintenance Connection, Meridian, and vx Observe, we are empowering our customers with a comprehensive solution that not only boosts their operational efficiency but also helps them navigate the dynamic complexities of regulatory standards."

These integrations are the first step in a much broader initiative of providing a comprehensive solution for organizations to achieve compliance under 21 CFR part 11. It underscores Accruent’s dedication to providing cutting-edge technologies that drive success and help organizations overcome industry challenges.