Schneider Electric has announced enhancements to its AdaptiApps custom user applications offer that provides end-users connectivity and control of building systems and services in apartment complexes and hotels. This custom offer expands mobile access to building systems beyond facility managers to employees, residents and hotel guests, enhancing occupants’ experiences and personal accountability to increase operational and energy efficiency.

As part of Schneider Electric’s SmartStruxure and SmartStruxure Lite solution building management system (BMS), AdaptiApps integrates with StruxureWare Building Operation and StruxureWare Building Expert software and delivers custom end-user applications that can be accessed on mobile devices. For example, in an apartment setting, facility managers can track energy consumption, manage maintenance requests and monitor security. On a separate custom app, residents can adjust room temperature, control lighting and book shared services for their individual units.
“Businesses in the residential and hotel industries can now use AdaptiApps to offer enhanced experiences to their customers, employees and guests,” said Robert Kempton, hotel segment lead, Schneider Electric. “Facility managers can expand facility control to building occupants allowing them to be comfortable in environments that are particularly important for customer experience – where they live and travel. Additionally, AdaptiApps increase visibility and accountability for organisations in the residential and hotel industries, allowing for streamlined services, increased efficiencies and overall improved occupant satisfaction.”
Using AdaptiApps Builder, facility professionals and building owners can create custom profiles so that the apps are perfectly tailored for specific users based on their roles within the facility. For example, in hotels, facility managers, lobby staff, hotel services staff and guests can each have a custom app to control relevant systems. Housekeeping staff can manage make-up requests and room cleaning statuses at the touch of a button, and hotel guests can regulate room temperatures, control entertainment systems, adjust lighting and request room service. The app components, or widgets, are intuitive and require no end-user training.
App functions can later be adjusted using the AdaptiApps Manager tool to deploy, monitor and update apps and manage user access to the specific systems and settings. The application’s graphical interface is also customisable to incorporate hotel or commercial residences’ logos, colours, fonts and images to help build brand awareness among application users.