Loxone has removed the barriers to mixing different lighting standards by adding DALI integration to its already extensive lineup. With the new Loxone DALI Extension up to 64 DALI devices can be controlled, in up to 16 groups, and seamlessly integrated with other standards such as 0-10V, DMX and Loxone Air for the most versatile lighting schemes.

The company is actively building on its many years of experience in lighting controls and app design, supporting over 200,000 users. The result is a DALI integration that is quick and simple, with a convenient ‘device search’ that identifies connected DALI devices and allows their configuration with only a few clicks. In mere minutes, users can switch, dim or combine their new lights into custom lighting scenes via their app.
As a vendor neutral standard for digital lighting control, DALI is the preferred choice for many lighting designers For those who need more than 64 devices, another DALI Extension can be easily added to support more devices. Supported DALI device types include Type 0 (Fluorescent Lights), Type 3 (LV-Halogen Lights) and Type 6 (LEDs).
The DALI Extension is available now from the Loxone Webshop priced at £447.