AEG Power Solutions has been chosen by Emmeti SpA to provide Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, as well as its MoniUPS remote monitoring system and associated service.

Since 1976, Emmeti has worked in the plumbing, heating and air conditioning field, providing increasingly complete solutions. Headquartered in Italy, it now operates in more than 60 countries around the world. Its factory critically depends on electrical power, and requires a robust UPS solution that can cope with a difficult environment.

At its site in Pordenone, Italy, Emmeti uses two Fluxpower HPI 400kVA UPS systems from AEG PS to protect plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems in its production facilities. Each UPS system is equipped with a manual bypass line. The company also uses a Fluxpower HE 30kVA UPS system to protect the electrical power supply to its data center.

MoniUPS enables AEG PS to remotely monitor all the UPS systems at Emmeti, so that it can provide proactive maintenance to fix potential problems before they occur, as well as to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. This means that the electrical availability and system reliability are maximized, with the lowest downtime risk.

“AEG PS UPS systems installed in our site are the most robust devices in the market, with the full IGBT double conversion technology and with inverter transformer. Alternative solutions required an additional output transformer, at extra cost, to reach the system robustness designed," said Matteo Brusa, IT Manager at Emmeti. "We are also impressed by MoniUPS remote monitoring solution. It's a very secure system, unidirectional that allows constant and real-time interaction and transparent communication, with periodic reports, UPS telemetry, warnings and alarms about our UPS system.”