Artificial intelligence is no longer in the world of science fiction — or only in the world of expensive academic R&D. In fact, we are at the end of a decades-long transition to incorporating AI into the world of buildings.

This evolution is specifically relevant for facility management service providers who want a competitive edge and are looking to drive efficiency and create profit-gaining business models.

Planon is exploring the role of AI in FM processes - and they need your input!

They are currently conducting a five-question survey, and the responses will feed into a report titled “The Definitive Guide to AI in FM.” By participating, you will be one of the first to receive a free copy of the guide on its published date.

The survey starts with two questions asking which applications of AI you are currently using in your smart buildings and which you expect to adopt in the next two years, with these as the choices:

  • Natural language processing. For example, reserving a room or ordering catering by talking to a digital personal assistant.
  • Computer vision. For example, using security cameras that automatically identify people and create an alert after the building has been closed.
  • Planning and scheduling. For example, having an advanced algorithm calculate the best scheduling of skilled workers to the right tasks based on optimised travel routes.
  • Robotics. For example, using drones to perform inspections in dangerous locations.
  • Decision support. For example, using big data analytics to predict and respond to potential asset failures and improve the profitability of client contracts.
  • Machine learning. For example, service ordering systems that learn employee preferences and start to make recommendations or automatic adjustments based on that information.
  • Process automation. For example, having a platform that uses contract data and customer preferences to automate the process of being compliant with customer contracts.

Artificial intelligence is becoming more common place, and it will play an especially important role for facility management service providers.

Interested in reading about AI today? Planon will also send you a free copy of the 2019 Work & Place article “The ambience of ambience: How AI changes occupant experience” as a thank you when you submit your survey.

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