Seeking to empower residents to create safer and healthier homes, Aico, has launched the third iteration of the HomeLINK App for Residents. The app provides an innovative solution to some of the housing sector’s biggest challenges, such as damp and mould and poor indoor air quality, allowing residents to take the first steps in improving their home’s health.

The app is a complementary addition to Aico’s HomeLINK Internet of Things (IoT) platform, which includes a network of fire and carbon monoxide alarms, environmental sensors and the Ei1000G Gateway that connects them all. Designed to provide residents with detailed information about the health and safety of their home, the app provides users with hints, tips and recommendations to better their home’s indoor environmental conditions, in turn, improving their own health and wellbeing.

For example, with the improved core features, residents will receive notifications and recommendations, detailing how to reduce the risk of allergens, mould and indoor air pollution besides fire alarm testing reminders. Through real-time information, residents will see a breakdown of carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity conditions within each room, followed up by educational information to understand their home better.

A game-changing new feature with the opportunity for enhanced care provides residents with the ability to invite others to app, so that their family members, carers or friends can also access the information to support the resident in following the healthy home recommendations.

Amrita Poptani, product manager at HomeLINK comments, “One of the things we noticed early on was how the tiniest thing could affect the moods, perceptions and overall mental health of the resident when using the app. With this in mind, we ensured elements of the new user experience were fun, exciting and light without taking away from the seriousness of the information. And while it’s always a work in progress - this new version not only lays the foundations perfectly but it’s also ‘very snazzy’, as one of our resident-testers put it!”