Commencing on Thursday 26th May, Aico will host five conferences, examining the use of Internet of Things (IoT) technology to create healthier and safer homes.

With the uptake of technology rapidly increasing within the housing sector, these events will explore the benefits of IoT and how it contributes to resident wellbeing, indoor environmental health, sustainable buildings, and the transition to net zero.

Keynote speaker, Professor Tim Sharpe, head of architecture at Strathclyde University, will discuss how the push to net zero is one of the greatest and most important challenges faced by society, and why the potential negative effects it can have on indoor environmental health should also be considered.

Professor Tim Sharpe adds, “Our research has consistently identified performance gaps leading to poor indoor air quality and energy use which have important health impacts for occupants. There is clearly a need to ensure better compliance and performance for both new build and especially retrofitted housing. The legislative landscape is beginning to recognise the need for post- completion compliance with new technologies offering significant opportunities.”

The events will also provide a detailed overview of net zero homes, including a live technology demonstration of the Aico|HomeLINK IoT platform and case studies. Other guest speakers include industry professionals from Smartline - a collaborative research and innovation project led by the University of Exeter, with a focus on how willing people are to use digital technology that aims to improve health and wellbeing.

Chris Jones, CEO of HomeLINK, says of the events, "Making homes healthier and more sustainable is an urgent priority for everyone in the sector. It is essential that we share information and research in these challenging times and we want to amplify the voices of the leading scientists working on these problems. Aico|HomeLINK also have unique insights to share from having deployed 120,000 IoT devices in social homes and schools."

This series of events are free to attend and FIA CPD accredited, taking place at iconic science museums across the UK including; the London Science Museum (26th May), the Royal Institution (27th May), Glasgow Science Centre (6th June), Manchester Science and Industry Museum (20th June) and Birmingham ThinkTank Science Museum (21st June). Attendees will also have the opportunity to access the venues after the events.

To register for any of these events, please visit: