amBX has announced a new collaboration for 2021 with Tridonic UK. Working in partnership, the two leading brands have created a powerful and dynamic solution, bringing together integrated asset management with powerful user interfaces, which results in truly smart buildings.

The SmartCore lighting control engine from amBX has been integrated with Tridonic’s control system and products. This delivers a single platform for lighting control, data aggregation and analysis, and asset management. This capability unlocks the potential for wired and wireless smart lighting networks to overcome complexities of use and interoperability between lighting devices and building management.

Both the sensor data and operating data for the Tridonic control devices function as open data, which is available via SmartCore for network and cloud storage and analysis by other third-party systems.

Neil McDonald, COO of amBX, commented: “I believe we have hit upon a fantastic combination that is delivering unparalleled levels of capability for smart buildings, meeting the needs of today’s customers and users.”