Specialist supplier of sustainability technologies and services and electronic components APC Technology Group has teamed up with Gooee, the creator of the world's first full-stack operating platform connecting lighting manufacturers and their customers to the IoT.

Under a new agreement, APC Technology Group will become a Gooee launch partner and will be able to use Gooee's innovative new lighting ecosystem to provide additional functionality and value to customer lighting and IoT solutions.
The Gooee ecosystem provides sensing, control and communication components that integrate with an enterprise scale cloud platform. This offers a service-driven, scalable framework that can be integrated into LED lighting installations, significantly increasing control, monitoring and data analysis while driving performance and efficiency improvements.
Gooee provides sensing ASICs, Wireless Interface Modules (WIMs), an enterprise scale gateway environment powered by a new BLE meshing protocol, and a real-time control, data and API management platform to operate smart lighting and metering products.
The eye of Gooee's ecosystem is a custom engineered sensing ASIC, designed to capture environmental data and human activity, along with the capability to monitor LED chip performance.
Facing downwards, the sensors detect motion, direction, footfall and ambient light levels and temperature. Upwards, the sensors monitor light output, colour temperature, quality and operating temperatures. In addition, the sensors can calculate the luminaire's life period since its beginning which can inform maintenance programmes and warranty opportunities.