We lose keys. It’s just something we do, however much we try not to. One study in the UK estimated around 10,000 annually end up just in the refuse, by mistake. At one growing student accommodation block in southern France, they sought a solution to lost keys and the other hassles of managing an outdated mechanical master-key system for a large facility with a transient population.

CROUS Montpellier fixed lost key problems by exchanging their mechanical locks for Aperio cylinders from Assa Abloy. Aperio wireless locking devices with built-in RFID readers are already trusted at universities all over Europe to protect staff, students and assets against burglary and unauthorised intruders.

Saving time and money

Easy-to-fit Aperio locks have transformed facility management for the accommodation block. To date, 1,500 wireless Aperio cylinders are seamlessly integrated online with their ARD security system, which gives facility managers an overview of block security in real time.

Now, when a student loses their key-card, it’s simple for a site manager to cancel the old credential and issue a new one. There is no need to engage a locksmith to replace physical locks, saving everyone’s time and CROUS money. A constant drain on resources has been eliminated.
Because Aperio integration at CROUS is online, managers block lost credentials quickly using the software, without visiting the door. It is just as easy to de-authorise credentials for students who leave, even if they forget to return their smart-card. An operator simply removes them from the system database and they are locked out.

A single, expandable system

Aperio easily integrates with payment and other smart-card systems, as well as access control. “Aperio provides a comfortable access solution. Our students can access their accommodation, use the printer and pay in the canteen with the same card,” explains Cyril Combacal at CROUS Montpellier.

Because Aperio is easily scalable and can expand any security system when needs change, investments in new wireless locking can be rolled out over time. It has made logistics and budgeting much easier for CROUS.