Arloid Automation is launching a new partnership programme to enable property professionals and specifiers to access AI technology to reduce their customers’ energy use in the properties they manage in a move towards sustainability, net-zero carbon and savings on utility bills. This is also increasingly important with a lack of certainty as to energy supply provision towards the end of 2023.

Property professionals and specifiers are invited to join the partnership programme to offer their customers a reduction in their energy costs, as well as providing energy efficient buildings and an additional income stream. Developers, construction companies, building and facilities managers, utility providers, security companies, energy saving companies are all invited to join the partnership programme.

Arloid Automation offers training and marketing resources to industry partners to support them in providing AI solutions to their customers and thus bring significant energy and carbon savings to a wider market.

Artificial intelligence - used in conjunction with any building management system - can fine tune the operation of a building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems with remarkable precision. This results in increased comfort for building occupants coupled with energy savings of up to 22%.

Dr. Andrey Seleznev, chief commercial officer at Arloid said: “We are looking forward to introducing new partnerships across Europe, Turkey, and the United States. Our established partners in the Middle East are going from strength to strength resulting in additional revenue streams, energy reduction for tenants and sought after buildings with lower ongoing bills.”

It’s becoming increasingly clear that energy use needs to be reduced now to preserve and ensure that supplies are available in the future as well as lowering carbon emissions. The built environment has the most potential as it is responsible for about 40% of global energy use and emits around a third of the greenhouse gases (according to the United Nations Environment Programme).