Ambisense has announced its entry into the air quality market with the launch of AmbiAir, a solution designed to help manage, assess, and predict the COVID-19 risk in commercial and public buildings.

“As a company we’re always looking to use our technological expertise to develop solutions for pressing geo-environmental problems. This led us to create AmbiAir, a product designed to help keep people as safe as possible in these trying times, and as a compliment to established approaches such as social distancing,” said Stephen McNulty, Ambisense founder & CEO.

By increasing building ventilation, and combining it with measures such as social distancing, we can decrease the COVID-19 risk that we face in public spaces. Studies show that the danger of exposure to COVID-19 is reduced when the level of CO2 is below 600ppm, relative humidity is between 40-60%, and there are no or very minimal levels of PM2.5.