KODE Labs has been selected by QuadReal Property Group and Stream Realty Partners to provide the smart building operating system for the up-and-coming and technologically advanced RiverSouth property, which consists of more than 350,000 square feet of sustainable workplace space in Austin, Texas.

"Our goal is to create the most intelligent built-environments in the world," said Thano Lambrinos, vice president, smart building technology & digital innovation at QuadReal. "We do that by leveraging advanced technologies to create unparalleled user experiences and drive operational efficiencies that optimize costs, improve our environment and create safe and healthy workplaces. An integrated and scalable data-driven operating platform is critical in the realization of these goals, and, for RiverSouth, that was a key focus for us and our partners at Stream."

RiverSouth will provide a sustainable, flexible, and safe workplace focused on delivering an unmatched overall building experience. KODE's Smart Building OS will collect live data into a single pane of glass for operations to visualize, schedule, and coordinate in real time enabling smart scheduling, predictive analysis, and energy optimizations. Furthermore, KODE's OS will serve as the centralized data platform that integrates all other IoT devices, allowing for data flow between various systems as required to best optimize building operations.

"We couldn't be more excited to work with Stream and QuadReal to continue pushing the boundaries for buildings of the future," said Etrit Demaj, co-founder and president at KODE Labs. "RiverSouth will set a smart building benchmark worldwide, and we're humbled to be part of the project team."

RiverSouth's 15-story building will provide a sustainable workplace for many tenants. Starting from green-building standards to wellness-building measures, it's the joint goal of Stream and KODE Labs to build the smartest tenant-centred building in Texas.