Avire has announced the launch of its Digital Communications Platform (DCP) following its recent acquisition of elevator specialist Microkey.

The new technology based solution provides a 2-way data link from the lift to the outside world which can be used to extract data from any connected device in the lift to a secure cloud platform.
The new sophisticated communication platform, which will initially be launched in the UK, Germany and France, combines GSM (Global System Mobile) gateway, emergency telephones and M2M (Machine to Machine) gateway in one single unit, allowing for seamless remote configuration and lift data extraction. The DCP works as a connection point from the lift to the outside world and vice versa. Situated in a machine room outside of the lift, DCP will continuously connect to elevator systems to check status, enabling maintenance companies to predict in more certainty when maintenance is due or a technical fault has occurred. This, in turn, improves building safety by ensuring standards are being met and faulty equipment is fixed efficiently.
To ensure the information gathered from the DCP is digestible, the end user will receive any outcomes and analytics through Avire’s cloud system, Avire Hub. This will allow both the lift companies and facility managers to simplify their operation, helping to reduce time, resource and cost.
Rob Lewis, managing director at Avire, commented: “As the only company to offer a system of this kind, we are hugely excited to launch our new product into the European market. We already know the technology is proven and trusted as it holds a large percentage of the Spanish market, so it’s fantastic to finally make it available to Avire’s customers. The great thing about the DCP is there are a number of ways it can be used; at its simplest level, it can be used as an emergency telephone and GSM, however, when using its full capabilities, it’s the building block to a complete ecosystem within the lift. We look forward to rolling this out to our customers to help increase their operational efficiency.”