Lighting controls specialist B.E.G. has launched one of the simplest single-room DALI scene solutions on the market which can easily be controlled via an app on a Bluetooth device.

The new B.E.G. DALI LINK STARTERSET is the latest building automation product to be released by the German manufacturer which is ideal for small offices and meeting rooms as it contains all the components that are required to control and set scenes for DALI enabled lights.

This practical starter pack includes three easy-to-use products – the super-flat B.E.G. PD11 occupancy multi-sensor, a four-way pushbutton interface to access lighting scenes and the DALI power supply which is connected to the light fittings in the ceiling. The B.E.G. DALI LINK STARTSET is available from selected electrical wholesalers. A video has been released on YouTube so electrical professionals can see just how easy it is to install and commission.

The B.E.G. PD11 is a flush fitting occupancy sensor with a thickness of less than 1mm and is hardly visible once it has been fitted into the ceiling. It provides intelligent lighting control by reliably detecting brightness and movement in the room within an area of up to 9m.
The innovative pushbutton interface is combined with a suitable retractable switch, or scene plate. It houses a Bluetooth interface, which allows easy programming via a smartphone or tablet device using the free B.E.G. DALI LINK App.

The app contains a protected area which allows the installer to securely and intuitively commission the DALI LINK STARTERSET and allow the levels to be automatically queried and displayed. The end user can activate pre-set scenes at any time, with up to 16 scenarios pre-installed, or to even create their own. The lighting can also be conventionally switched and dimmed as required.

The DALI LINK solution allows more than just scenes to be set up and controlled. A guide light function can also be created to reduce dark spots, or to allow the lights in adjacent areas and corridors to be on at a dimmed level. This ensures a controlled pool of light follows users.

All DALI lighting groups, the push button interface and sensors (including slaves) use just one single pair cable, to connect, so making it easier for electricians to install. Additional sensors can be connected in the DALI line as slave devices, so extending the area coverage. The system is expandable, with the STARTERSET controlling up to 25 Dali lights, and six control devices.

Additional B.E.G. parts can be ordered to increase the capacity of the system, including a scene switch plate, or more sensors to increase the area coverage. The offset regulation offers the possibility to control up to two lighting zones. This feature can be used by end users to create a structured lighting level which takes the daylight into consideration.

An orientation light function can also be activated and, operates after the follow-up has been achieved. It limits the light level of the connected lights, so ensuring safety critical areas are never dark, while still offering substantial energy cost-savings.

B.E.G. director for UK & Ireland, Paul Jones, said: “We’re really excited about the launch of the new B.E.G. DALI LINK STARTERSET single-room solution. It is easy to use and enables the end user to control room lighting and scene selection via the pushbutton module or individually at a touch of a button from a compatible smartphone which can result in substantial energy savings.
“The DALI LINK STARTERSET enables the user to set the environment to whatever lighting scene is required and it is ideal for use in small offices or meeting rooms. The starter packs enable electrical wholesalers to offer an ‘off the shelf’ single room lighting solution in potentially sizeable quantities to electrical professionals who can install it for end users quickly and effectively.”