After successful controlled trials, Overbury is introducing the FUZONE500 bacteria eradicating ozone system across several of their major fit out sites within their welfare facilities and meeting rooms, to provide certainty and reassurance to workers that the space is safe as possible and their wellbeing is paramount. FUZONE500 is also being trialled by two leading international architectural practices, an international energy services and solutions company and a key London Museum.

This comes after the recent installation of FUZONE500 at Great Charles Street, a unique office refurbishment in the heart of Birmingham’s Central Business District by Ergo RE.

FUZONE500 is a lighting solution that harnesses all the anti-viral and anti-bacterial elimination qualities of ultraviolet light without any of the harmful effects to humans or physical surfaces. The technology sits within an adapted light fitting which obscures the ultraviolet lamp from the human eye, so unlike direct UV-C solutions, FUZONE500 can be operated whilst premises are occupied to guarantee that a space is being cleaned 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, continuously killing and destroying bacteria and viruses.

This ground breaking technology comprises sealed ultraviolet lamps operating on two different wavelengths to create Photolytic Oxidation, a combination of Photolysis and Ozonolysis to effectively create ozone (O3), which generates cold incineration of the molecules ending in a completely safe oxidation process, free of volatile compounds.

Organic molecules (e.g. virus, bacteria, mould) are broken down and sterilised by direct exposure to ozone the (O3), furthermore its omnipotent nature, ensures the elimination of air borne and surface particles with sanitising properties that extend underneath tables for example.

FUZONE500 works without filters, reducing the accumulation of hazardous particles and eliminating the growth of bacteria, mould or fungi.

Tim Charlton-Hunt, director at Overbury said: “The health and safety of our workers on site has always been paramount and COVID-19 has presented the entire construction industry with fresh challenges, with this in mind FUZONE500 is a gamechanger. To be able to enable workers to move around with relative normality, reassured that the air and every surface is being continually sanitised, safely and effectively, has huge implication for the efficiency of our sites and the physical and mental wellbeing of employees.”

David Clements, chief executive at FUTURE Designs said: “This is a most significant development for FUZONE500 and its wider adoption within the commercial sector, not only on site but in offices too. The initial results have shown that the areas where FUZONE500 is active, the space is 99.9% & free of any bacteria or viruses, it is the single most effective thing a property manager can do to ensure a space is sanitised. ”