With the support of an environmental consultancy, Barratt Homes North East is embracing new Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) requirements.

In collaboration with North East-based, Biodiverse Consulting, Barratt Homes will transform its newbuild development sites by incorporating BNG into the early stages of planning, a transition which will have a positive impact on nature.

As part of the Environment Act 2021, legislation regarding mandatory BNG will pass into law in January 2024. BNG represents an approach to development by which the natural environment is left in a measurably better state than it was beforehand, a process which is widely perceived as nature’s best chance of recovery.

Speaking on the company’s progressive approach to sustainable development, John Aynsley, strategic land buyer at Barratt Developments North East, is similarly impressed by the consultancy’s expertise. He commented: said: “Introducing increased BNG into our newbuild development sites is a hugely positive step and one that affects multiple factors in the planning process. We knew it was crucial to work with a competent, responsive consultancy which clearly shares our vision, and we absolutely found that in Biodiverse Consulting.

“Through this partnership, we are evaluating numerous development sites and prioritising BNG from day one, identifying areas of high ecological value that must be avoided, and areas of low ecological value that we can improve upon. I am proud to say that with the help of Biodiverse Consulting, we are leading the way in sustainable house building, and protecting the environment for future generations."

Vicki Mordue is the founder and director of Biodiverse Consulting. A highly experienced environmental consultant, she is passionate about enhancing places for people and nature. Speaking on the collaboration, she said: “In partnering with Barratt Homes North East, we are demonstrating that business and biodiversity truly can go hand in hand; whilst creating new homes for families across the region, Barratt Homes North East environmentally sensitive approach places BNG at the heart of the development process, enabling them to add value to natural ecosystems on every site.

“By considering the challenges and opportunities that BNG offers so early in the development process, we are securing realistic and meaningful gains for biodiversity over the long term.

“Barratt Homes North East progressive environmental policy will facilitate the creation of flourishing habitats that house an abundance of wildlife and are enjoyed by local communities. Its commitment to supporting nature’s recovery sends a powerful message for sustainable change.”