The Building Controls Industry Association (BCIA) has released a new technical guide to add to its portfolio of online guides available to download.

The new guide, entitled “Good Practice Guide – Control Sensor Selection and Installation”, sets out to describe good selection of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) sensors used in Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS).

A BEMS is only as good as the sensor used to measure the controlled variable (temperature, humidity, pressure etc.) and transmit it as a measured value to the controller. It is crucial that the sensor should provide an accurate measurement of the controlled variable at the reference point in the control loop. Failure to meet the desired conditions satisfactorily can lead to poor control, energy wastage and occupant complaints.

Terry Sharp, president of the BCIA, said: “Good sensor selection and installation is key to better control. Often there are conflicts of interest in the location of sensors – architects want them out of sight, control engineers ask they be located central to the controlled space. This document will show best practice and help resolve such issues.”

The BCIA’s technical guides are designed to help members and those in the building controls and BEMS industry work more effectively. All technical guides can be downloaded from the “Resources” section of the BCIA website.