Beckhoff has selected 13 Integration Partner companies with the expertise to design, manufacture, install, program, commission and maintain a wide range of control solutions for buildings using Beckhoff hardware and other complementary technologies, from a standalone lighting system right through to a complete building management system (BMS) with cloud-based management.

Karl Walker, market development manager at Beckhoff, said: “Beckhoff’s automation products for building control differ from the industry norm in that they can encompass all required building functions in a single, open platform, including integration with AV systems such as Crestron and B&O, or hotel and room booking systems such as FIAS, and connect all of this real-time data to the Cloud for advanced performance analytics, predictive maintenance, remote monitoring and diagnostics and integration with CAFM packages.”

Details of Beckhoff’s partners and the services they offer can be found here: