BG Energy Solutions (BGES) has confirmed that it is working with Lumiere Developments, to deliver self-sustaining energy efficient technologies for The Beacon residential development in Hemel Hempstead.

Steve Gunn, BG Energy Solutions’ director responsible for the project said, “We have been working alongside the creative and innovative team at Lumiere Developments on this ground-breaking self-sustaining and zero-emission project. The project is focused on how easily and cost-effectively renewable technologies can be integrated into new construction projects.
“A huge range of existing renewables technologies will be brought together and include for example, solar panels around the entire circumference of the building; a rainwater-harvesting scheme; and an intelligent heat-recovery system from grey-water from dishwashers and washing machines; generating its own heating and cooling as a result. Excess electricity generated will be returned to the grid.”
“In addition, The Beacon will provide EV charging points, with a car-share scheme for residents. Other amenities include a rooftop garden, indoor arboretum, café, bar, cinema and gym. Residents can look forward to close to zero, almost non-existent energy bills, in modern, self-sustaining and desirable surroundings.”
Steve Gunn concludes, “Our consultants have been working with Lumiere on the design and specification of the building from an energy perspective, and with planning consent having been granted, construction is imminent. We are very proud to have worked with the Lumiere team on The Beacon. We look forward to proving that self-sustaining buildings are the future and to working on more exciting projects.”