Bosch has announced the launch of TRACI, an IoT solution designed specifically for the construction industry. The tracking technology will help construction sites digitise their processes, allowing vehicles and machinery to be monitored and managed remotely.

The Bosch Asset Tracing Solution (known as TRACI) will provide contractors and site managers with an overview of all the high value assets on their site. It offers remote visibility of the position and status of vehicles, machines, accessories and special equipment such as excavators. This insight can be used to plan scheduling and transport routes efficiently while reducing downtime.

The complete solution comprises a compact sensor box (the TRACI tag), cloud-based evaluation software, and a suite of digital services. The TRACI tag is the main hardware component of the system: a retrofittable IoT unit. These tags use GPS acceleration, temperature and magnetic field sensors to track the vehicle or equipment they are attached to. This insight reveals the asset’s use, location, working status and operating hours, which users can access in real-time on a smartphone app or in a web browser. Add-on services like theft alert, maintenance alerts and condition monitoring can also be provided using the data gathered.

Bharath Jayakumar, manager – sales, commercial vehicles & off-road at Bosch UK said, “Monitoring construction machines is essential to the effective running of a construction site. Yet traditionally, simple data about these assets, of considerable value, may not be easily available to the contractor or site manager. Bosch TRACI provides all the relevant data needed to enhance the efficiency and utilisation rate of any vehicle fleet.”