Associated with its recently launched PanL building automation platform, Bridgetek has introduced an expansive collection of different display units. Providing elevated performance and optimal feature sets, they are able to cover a diverse array of prospective use cases.

With 192mm x 125mm x 26.4mm dimensions, the 7-inch format PanL70 is employed in the PanL Smart Living Solution. It has an 800x480 pixel resolution TFT display that delivers an output of up to 420cd/m2, with a 65° viewing angle. A broad 16.7M colour palette can be utilised. Up to 5 touchpoints are supported through the PanL70’s robust capacitive touchscreen. Its audio attributes consist of either a 90dB buzzer or a 1W mono speaker. A MEMS microphone and an ambient light sensor have also be incorporated. Each display unit contains a high-performance BT815 Embedded Video Engine (EVE) graphics controller, plus a 32-bit FT903Q RISC microcontroller unit (MCU) running at speeds reaching 100MHz. 256kB of program memory and 64kB of data memory are available. Strong graphical capabilities are bolstered by a video playback function.

The PanL70Plus unit, which is part of the Bridgetek PanL Room Manager solution, has a central feature set and a 7-inch format display that are identical to the PanL70, but is slightly bigger overall (measuring 232mm x 125mm x 26.4mm). This is so it can house a 13.56MHz RFID reader (for identification/access purposes), as well as an LED matrix status indicator. Another option is the more compact, but still functionally-rich 5-inch PanL50. This relies on an FT813Q EVE graphics controller, but has the same 800x480 resolution as the larger form factor units. It likewise comes with buzzer or speaker options, and has multi-touch capabilities.

Intended for situations where smaller scale hardware will prove preferable, the PanL35 is a 3.5-inch touch/audio-enabled display unit with 320x480 resolution. Accommodated inside a 116mm x 86mm x 17mm enclosure, this is generally meant for portrait mode implementation, whereas the large PanL displays are more likely to be used in landscape configuration. It has a 700cd/m2 brightness and an 80° viewing angle. Through its FT811 EVE device, there is the capacity to render 262k different colours. All of the units just described have RJ45 serial ports, which means that they can get both power and data using the cabling already installed within the building, via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). This significantly facilitates the installation process.

Finally, designed for desk placement, rather than wall mounting, the PanL35L has a 3.5-inch display with 320x240 resolution. A key element of the PanL Desk Manager solution, it has a dual-core 32-bit LX6 MCU and an FT813Q EVE device, plus a built-in Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n) module for connecting to the local wireless access point. There is also an RGB LED strip, which acts as a status indicator. No touchscreen is included in this particular model (as control is executed through QR codes). Requiring a 5V DC supply, it is supplied with a Micro-USB adaptor.

Based on their screen size and resolution, the PanL35 units can accommodate a maximum of 1 button per page, with as many as 32 pages. The PanL50 offers 2 buttons per page, and up to 16 pages, while the PanL70/70Plus can deal with 8 buttons per page and up to 4 pages.