BSI has published two new international standards BS EN ISO 19650-1 & BS EN ISO 19650-2, which provide recommendations for the organization of information about construction works using Building Information Modelling (BIM). These two international standards, the first of the 19650 series, will supersede BS 1192 (principles) and PAS 1192-2 (capital/delivery phase).

Part 1, deals with the concepts and principles applicable to the whole life-cycle of a built asset from strategic planning and design, through maintenance and repair to end-of-life. The concepts and principles explained in this document should be adapted to the scale and complexity of the asset or project, to address the cost of implementing this standard. This includes a National Foreword explaining terminology to assist the UK built environment sector.

Part 2, specifies requirements for information management, in the form of a management process, within the context of the delivery phase of the assets and the exchanges of information within it, when using BIM. The standard can be applied to all types of assets and by all types and sizes of organizations regardless of their chosen procurement strategy. It contains a National Annex to align the ISO standard’s requirements with our national approach to BIM Level 2.

The audience for these standards covers those involved in the procurement, design, construction and/or commissioning of built assets; and those involved in delivering asset management activities, including operations and maintenance.

Ant Burd, Head of Built Environment at BSI said: “The UK has led the way in developing information management process standards in support of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and these new international standards form part of our approach to share our experience and knowledge globally.

“If we are to assist with the digital transformation of the global built environment sector then we need to develop internationally agreed best practice approaches. The BS EN ISO 19650 series is in effect the start of this journey and will assist the sector in improving its information management and collaboration on projects - both national and international - ultimately culminating in better quality assets that are delivered more cost effectively.”

Two further standards in the BS EN ISO 19650 series are expected to publish in early 2020: Part 3 on managing the operational assess and Part 5 covering the security of BIM, digital built environments and smart asset management. These will replace PAS 1192-3 and PAS 1192-5 respectively.