BSRIA will be staging its third flagship Soft Landings Conference 2018: Soft Landings – a culture for all projects. It will take place on Friday 15th June at RICS in London.

Soft Landings is a building delivery process which runs through the project, from inception to completion and beyond, to ensure all decisions made during the project are based on improving operational performance of the building and meeting the client's expectations. It provides a step-by-step process for clients and their project teams to follow in order to avoid pitfalls and deliver a better performing product.
BSRIA is excited to have Carol Lelliott, partner at Nicholas Hare Architects, as its keynote speaker.
Dr Michelle Agha-Hossein, Soft Landings Operational Lead at BSRIA, said: “It is hardly a secret that many buildings do not perform as they were originally intended. This is an area of great concern and a huge risk in the delivery of sustainable and healthy buildings that can meet the clients’ needs and support the occupants’ wellbeing. Soft Landings is a process – but also a mindset – to focus on operational outcomes of buildings. The process runs to a project from inception to completion and beyond to ensure that the clients’ needs and the project objectives are set at the start of the process and are protected throughout the project.”
This year, the conference provides a perfect opportunity for the clients and the construction professionals to hear about different Soft Landings case studies and discuss how Soft Landings can be adopted and implemented in different projects irrespective of their type and size.