BSRIA says the world building automation and control systems market is expected to be worth just over US$26 bn by 2019, according to its World Market Intelligence (WMI) recently published report – 2015 World Building Automation and Control Systems (BACS) study.

The 2015 BSRIA WMI BACS study reveals that currently there are a small, but growing number of BACS systems with data analytics/Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) across all geographical areas. There is a slow trend of BACS data analytics/BEMS migrating to the Cloud. The IT industry is also slowly entering the data analytics/BEMS market.

BSRIA’s manager for energy and smart technologies, Jeremy Towler said: “Research in North America shows that some independent contractors and system integrators exclusively focus on a single brand. In Europe value-add and service is increasing its role due to energy saving, dominated by specialist installers (except in Spain, Italy and Turkey). In China and India this segment is dominated by independent system integrators / contractors. The situation is similar in Middle East & Africa, where small independent system integrators are competing with some large system integrators in this growing segment.”

The Total World BACS market saw an annual growth rate of 2.7 per cent between 2012 and 2014 to reach US$21.8 bn. Products account for around a third, with value-add for 44 per cent and service & maintenance for the rest. North America accounts for 26 per cent of the BACS product market, while Europe’s share is 38 per cent (including Turkey and Russia). Asia-Pacific (including China and India) account for around 20 per cent, leaving the share of Middle East & Africa at around 15 per cent.