BuildingIQ says it has become the first Building Management System (BMS) cloud integrator in the smart building services market by entering into an agreement with Sauter Controls North America. Through the addition of building controls to its cloud-based optimization platform, BuildingIQ defines a new category of integrator that optimizes BMS implementation and creates cloud-ready buildings designed to share and leverage data across functional boundaries.

“As the first BMS cloud integration company, we are uniquely positioned to bring the building automation system, and complimentary IoT hardware with control capabilities, into the cloud for data analytics and optimization,” said BuildingIQ CEO Michael Nark. “Starting in markets like Australia and expanding into North America with Sauter, we are rolling out our cloud integration services with a holistic mindset – resolving to break down the walls around the heating, venting and air-conditioning building management system and blurring the boundaries between the BMS and IoT.”

Initiating the BuildingIQ 5i journey to cloud-optimization early in a building’s life de-risks and minimizes the huge integration investments building owners face as they move to cloud-based analytics and optimization. Research estimates that global commercial building owners and managers are expected to invest USD $960 billion through 2023 on adopting smart building networks to reduce the operational costs and energy consumption of their existing infrastructure.

Nark continued, “At nearly $1 trillion, it’s all but inevitable that the building you and I work in everyday will one day be cloud-connected, AI-optimized and guided in part from the cloud.”