It is hard to think of somewhere with more critical security needs than a bank. While cyber-security grabs the headlines, in the day-to-day business of banking, physical security of people and assets is paramount.

We’ve all seen the heist movies. Of course, in the real world, bank security is more complex than fitting the biggest titanium door you can find. Buildings, ATM housings and cash-in-transit delivery services all have totally different workflows, but each demands high-security locking they can trust, just like a vault.

Could a single locking technology accommodate such a diverse range of needs?

Trusted security & a safety net

For complexity and security, critical infrastructure like power grids and clean water plants set the bar for banks’ locking needs. Coincidentally, this utility sector is among the most enthusiastic adopters of CLIQ access control.

CLIQ is a multi-layered locking system which combines key-operated mechanical and electronic protection. A range of high-security cylinders and padlocks for applications beyond doors maximise physical security and attack resistance. CLIQ technology then layers encrypted, user-friendly electronic security on top — adding control and convenience without the need for wires: all CLIQ locks for doors, padlocks, cabinets, lifts, gates and any relevant machines are wireless. Power to the lock’s microelectronics comes from a standard battery inside every programmable CLIQ key.

These layers of physical and electronic security work together to give banks a safety net should a key go missing. Any lost CLIQ® key’s access rights are simply removed, instantly, using the system software and it no longer opens any door, vault or ATM.

Easy installation, easy management for doors, gates and ATMs

Because it’s a key based solution, CLIQ offers a simple step up from mechanical security to powerful access control, with no change to existing hardware like doors. Retrofitting is hassle-free.

The secure CLIQ Web Manager software interface works from inside any standard browser, or on an intranet with multi-factor log-in authentication for administrators. Facility managers can control workflows by tailoring every user’s access permissions, without bulging key-chains or having to design a complicated, expensive key management system. One programmable (and reprogrammable) key covers all their needs.

Areas requiring special clearance are easily defined and access to them restricted to specific staff. If multiple system administrators are required, CLIQ handles it — even across different sites or time-zones.

Facility managers can place programming devices at strategic points — near the staff entrance, say — for employees or contractors to revalidate their permissions regularly. Shorter access rights validity instantly upgrades security in a banking hall or back-office.

Equally, the CLIQ system can generate an audit trail for any lock or user on demand, thereby streamlining incident investigation. Programming devices collect audit trails at the time of reprogramming. CLIQ functionality saves you time and money.

CLIQ can secure more than just doors. CLIQ cylinders are ideal for ATM housings, and bank staff or third-party vendors don’t even need to carry another key to unlock the ATM. Their single CLIQ key is programmed to open just the right ATM at the right time — a secure and controlled workflow.

Every opening is tracked and audited within the same Web Manager software, available on a local server or with ASSA ABLOY’s secure Software as a Service (SaaS) option.

Protecting cash on the move

Running a cash transit department or business adds another variable to the security mix: staff and cash are always on the move and the entire workflow must be secured. If you are back at HQ to collect a key, you are wasting time and fuel. An award-winning* extension of the same CLIQ system — CLIQ Connect technology — has it covered.

With CLIQ Connect, a key-holder no longer needs to update access rights physically in person by returning to base or even by moving to the nearest location with a programming device. All they need is a smartphone, the CLIQ Connect app and a secure Bluetooth connection.

It’s simple and agile — and quick to respond to any “live” situation.

If you need to redirect a cash collection team while they are on the road, you just set new access permissions for a building or ATM within the CLIQ Web Manager. The key-holder makes a secure Bluetooth connection between their programmable CLIQ Connect key and the app to instantly update their permissions. They can now open the necessary locks at their new destination.

The online opening function of CLIQ Connect can even contribute to secure sequence unlocking for cash collections. For example, locks can require key-operated unlocking within 60 seconds of access also being authorised by a system administrator.

Can a single, integrated CLIQ locking system protect assets in banking halls, ATMs and cash in transit? We think it can.

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