A new service from Carbon Numbers enables energy managers to get more control and visibility over their building energy management system by linking it to Carbon Numbers’ new cloud platform.

Through remote monitoring, Carbon Numbers can take responsibility and ownership of their clients’ systems, using technologies and data driven strategies to provide real-time insights to improve working conditions, cut costs and reduce carbon. Using real-time data has the added benefits of reducing site visits and maintenance costs, as well as being able to proactively identify issues and make instant adjustments.

Carbon Numbers partners Trend who have highlighted Carbon Numbers as being one of the industry’s early adopters who are driving projects via analytics: Carbon Numbers commented, “Trend partners are experts in developing innovative solutions that provide real value to building owners, operators and occupants. The Carbon Cloud platform is a great example of this innovation and we are delighted to partner with Carbon Numbers to help improve building occupant wellbeing and productivity, whilst reducing environmental impact and optimising maintenance requirements.”

Carbon Numbers, who were recently invited to take part in this year’s Parliamentary Review, were inspired to launch Carbon Cloud as a response to data inefficiencies. CEO, Neil Fright, explains how while most buildings have an effective solution in place, all too often this is not an efficient one:
“With many factors influencing a building’s performance, data is often poorly understood, whilst the ability to drive change can complex, especially when various systems aren’t connected properly.”

Neil goes on to explain how by linking their BEMS to Carbon Cloud, companies and organisations can use data to create a more sustainable future:
“There’s an increasing pressure, particularly on financial directors, to demonstrate sustainability. Rising energy prices, skills shortages and increasing legislation mean there are more factors to consider than ever before, but by connecting your BeMS to the Carbon Cloud, we can use your data to improve everything from your space utilisation and staff wellbeing, to the cyber security of your building management system, all steps that help to future-proof your business. This will also enable you to achieve ISO 27001 compliancy.”