Heanor Park care home features SmartCore smart lighting software and has proven just how revolutionary the solution truly is.

With a significant reduction in resident falls, increased engagement, and an improved sleep-wake cycle - resident health and wellbeing is at the forefront. Check out our case study video to understand more. Circadian lighting is just one of the many features of SmartCore – making it the go-to solution for smart buildings.

amBX says it is on a mission to deliver smart lighting within buildings using its ever-evolving software platform, to provide real tangible benefits and unrivalled levels of control.

As an IP-based system, SmartCore by amBX supports a wide range of IP protocols. This enables use with a wide range of lighting protocols such as DALI, DMX & Artnet, CoAp/PoE, Wireless & Bluetooth. New protocols and device types can be easily added making the system future-proof. SmartCore also works with all types of switches.

Within the care home environment, the number one priority is the health and wellbeing of its residents. Sensors are used to ensure lights are always on when needed. These can also be utilised to allow the building to become more energy efficient through the use of daylight saving and presence detection to minimise energy wastage.

The emergency lighting module within SmartCore aims to simplify the traditional process, by working with smart emergency lighting to provide status reporting, testing, and reporting to deliver cost savings. Together with Swann Lighting (amBX partner), the company has developed an emergency lighting solution where the green LED indicator dims to ambient light levels and turn off when dark. This is perfect for care home applications with circadian lighting, requiring the safety of emergency lighting but also the ability to have complete darkness not disrupting natural circadian rhythms and sleep patterns.

The RESTful software API and BACnet interface ensures that SmartCore is interoperable with systems like NurseCall, allowing the lighting to dynamically react to emergencies.

The Commissioning Tool and Design Tool have a web-based easy to use dashboard that allows SmartCore to be installed with ease, no complex programming is required. The drag and drop functionality allow the user to select from a menu and set up their building, this dramatically saves install time and cost when compared with other systems.

The Facility Manager Tool allows behaviours to be established at the installation phase allowing automation, with the facility manager/building manager having full control if required - through a fully customised dashboard. As an example, if a resident has macular degeneration and requires a higher level of illumination in their room this can be catered for without affecting any other area of the home.

Wearable devices, smart speakers and other smart devices can be easily integrated, creating a cohesive solution that can react to building occupant needs, creating a smarter/healthier building.

Data captured by sensors is available in the cloud and can be accessed via the Facility Manager Tool, again providing insights that haven’t been available until now.

"This is the future", said Michelle Baker, deputy manager of Heanor Park. "I think it has revolutionised the care home."