Carlo Gavazzi will be using the Smart Buildings Show at London’s Olympia on 9-10th October to launch its long-range wireless solution for energy monitoring. The UWP-A and UWP-M can reduce installation costs and avoid expensive cabling significantly for many energy efficiency monitoring projects.

The UWP-A is an endpoint adapter which provides long range (up to 10 km) communication to Carlo Gavazzi energy meters and power analyzers for easy integration into standard LoRaWAN gateways (private networks) and LoRaWAN public networks (smart cities).

Whilst the UWP-M master module, makes it easy to create a wireless network of UWP-A based endpoints and integrates into the Carlo Gavazzi’s UWP monitoring gateway and controller.

Using EU868 MHz band, a license and cost-free frequency, the UWP-A enables easy and fast configuration, making it easy for installers to set-up a secure and reliable wireless network of meters. Simple connection to the UWP universal web controller through the UWP-M gateway, provides collection of vital data without the need for any SIM cards or additional costs.

Many operators provide access to wireless LoRaWAN networks, covering cities or entire countries: the UWP-A is key to collection of metering data through these networks, for a hassle-free deployment of distributed networks over large areas.

The UWP-A and UWP-M is the perfect solution for applications where traditional cabled networks are difficult or not cost effective to install such as industrial facilities, energy farms, shopping centres or large buildings.