Carlo Gavazzi has launched the EISH current monitoring relay, used to monitor the status of loads to ensure any failures are immediately detected by sending a signal to the PLC, BMS controller or Carlo Gavazzi’ s UWP and switching the solid state output; reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

The compact EISH can be mounted either on the DIN rail or on the back panel and comes complete with a built-in current transformer for detection of AC current from 200 mA up to 60 A.

No auxiliary power supply is needed as the EISH is self-powered from the input current with 2-wire connection and no setpoint adjustment is required ensuring a quick and easy setup. A 12 mm diameter hole provides for easy insertion of the metered cable (multiple times if needed).

The 22.5mm x 55.4mm x 47.4 mm housing is manufactured in a Polycarbonate or Polycarbonate/ABS Alloy and provides protection degree IP20 and an operating temperature range from -20° C to 50° C.

The sensor is particularly suited to applications such as HVAC and building automation where management and corrective actions are required promptly in the case of failure such as water circulation pumps, extractor fans and lights.