Carlo Gavazzi has launched the SBBADT8CCT DALI driver for standard and tunable white LED’s to control warm white and cool white output via a single DALI address providing high power factor and energy efficiency.

The output current level can be easily selected via DIP switches from 250mA to 1500ma whilst the 2 constant current output levels have a total output of up to 50W and encompasses a Class II power supply which is fully isolated plastic case has a built in DALI interface for DT6 and DT8 ballast colour type Tc and complies to IEC 62386-101, 102 and 107.

The SBBADT8CCT DALI ballast offers reduced power consumption which provides energy savings to the user by controlling and optimising the light levels and will provide smooth and 0.1% deep dimming function which is designed to achieve natural dimming performance without the risk of visible distractions or physiological effects of flicker or buzzing sound.

The simplicity of the DALI lighting control system with the flexibility and scalability of the Dupline platform, provides cutting edge lighting control for commercial and residential lighting requirements as well as a comprehensive shading and temperature control. alterations or additions in DALI systems are easy to achieve as the installation can be reused over and over, saving you money and downtime.